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Planning for the First Day – DONE!!

It feels like I have been looking at other teachers plans for the first day of school all summer long!  With only a few weeks left I figured that it was time for me to start planning for myself and decide what I am going to do – and I made my mind up.

Our school schedule runs on a 8 periods over 2 days with a short Advisory everyday.  On the first day of school the current plan, from my understanding, is that it will be run as a ‘skinny’.  So students will have all of their classes with each class being conducted in condensed time.  I will see all of my students twice this day as students have me for both their Algebra class and Math Support class.  Then we move into the regular schedule of 4 periods a day for the remainder of the week.  I do not have rosters or headcounts yet, but I am planning on each class being around 30 students.

I will be doing a lot of group work throughout the year and the students need to be comfortable and feel safe working with each other. So to get started off on the right foot I want to make sure I do a lot of community building and getting comfortable with each other in the class.  I must confess that none of the things I am going to do the first day of class are original ideas of mine – I am stealing them from others.

To start the year off I am going to be doing two different activities – one on their first visit with me and another on their second visit.
1 – On the first visit I am going to use Dan Meyer’s Who Am I activity. This will give the students a chance to tell me about themselves. If there is enough time left in the class I am going to use the AVID People Bingo activity so they can learn about each other.
2 – The second visit to my room will be game time with 31-derful! I found this last year reading Everybody is a Genius and did not get a chance to try it so it will be my first time having students play it.  Maybe I should play it first and try to solve it? 🙂

Now onto planning the rest of the year!